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  • We Prepare Your Study Plan

    If you Fail to Plan , it means you Plan to Fail . Lots of students did not get success because of lack of proper planning. At MyMirror ,we will prepare study plan for you if you need it.

  • Superfast Doubt Clarification

    Mentors are available for 24x7. Whether you are an early riser or a late night person like most of us, we are with you at anytime .All the doubts will be responded within 24 hours. Live Doubt Clarification sessions will also be there using Skype, Web Meetings, Hangouts etc

  • Pay only for what you need

    Why to purchase entire courses at one GO. Start with one subject, Finish it and then go for other subjects. Or If you need help for some subjects only, or want only Subject wise Tests or Mock tests.Select the content you like and Go futher with your preperation.

  • MentorshipTrack Program

    It's Unique Program for selected students.Dedicated mentor will be assigned from Day 1.

    • Receive 1:1 on-demand support via your personal whatsapp,google hangout,
    • Mentor will be in touch with you regularly to understand your problem Track your progress.
    • We will motivate you , inspire you to achieve your dream to crack the GATE.

  • Assignment & Mock Test with detailed Video Solutions

    Along with video solutions, We will provide detailed Text explanation for each Question.It will help you to understand the concepts very well and its application. We firmly believe that understanding of concept only is not enough but you also need to understand the way to apply the same.

  • Innovative Course Design Approach

    We understand the Psychology and mindset of the students. Our each Video is no longer than 30 mins. As already proved in many studies, the best and full concentration on one thing is no longer than 30 mins.

    Each Chapter consists of "One Minute Strategy Video+ Theoretical Concept Videos + Motivational Video + Problem Solving Video + Tips and Tricks.+ Assignments and solutions."




Welcome to a whole new world of learning without any constraint of time and location. Learn from the best experts of the industry and immerse into a rich experience of learning online at mymirror.in. Get online self-paced or guided courses for GATE Examination.

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Frequently asked question
  • What is Free Trial?

    In Free Trial, we will give you the full Experience of the platform but with limited access to the course. First Chapter of any Subject will be available under free trial. You can access Video Lectures, Conceptual Problems and Solutions Videos, Tips/Tricks and Assignment - Tests. So all flavours for the first chapter!! This will give you overall idea about the structure of the course .

  • Do I get to practice Problems/ mock tests and Assignments with this course?

    Yes Off-course , We believe that until unless you practice the problem, cracking GATE examination won't be easy. Practice Tests or Assignments are given chapter wise and After taking the test you can see your results with detailed solutions in text as well as in Video Format.

  • How do i enroll the course?

    For free trial you need not to buy . You need to just signup and start learning. For full access of the course/chapters you need to buy online.

  • Why this is better than class room course and how i have better chance to crack the GATE as compared to offline options?

    Your chances of success increases 10 times here as you save lot of time and energy by avoiding commutes and hectic rigid schedules. Whenever you feel, you can study here and can ask doubts anytime. In crowded classrooms, you may not get chance to ask doubts,but on Mymirror you can have Personalized mentorship with expert faculty. High quality and effectively designed content is here for you to increase your probability for the success in GATE Exam




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